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What are HanGlyph and CCSS?

Chinese written script is ideographic. Each ideograph, known as hanzi, or more commonly called Chinese character, has its own visual structure and carries certain meaning. There are tens of thousands of hanzi or Chinese characters.

The most noted different feature between an ideographic script and a phonographic script, such as Latin alphabet and Slavonic alphabet and so on, is the huge number of characters that the former script contains.

Historically, the number of hanzi in existence increases with time. To facilitate the automated process of Chinese characters and document, many coded character sets have been developed. However, one major problem remains, that is no character set is able to encode ALL hanzi that are ever in existence.

Chinese Character Description and Synthesis is our solution towards the effective exchange of documents and information in Chinese that contain un-encoded characters. HanGlyph is a Chinese character description language that describes a character according to the arrangement of the strokes. CCSS, stands for Chinese Character Synthesis System, renders the character from the HanGlyph description to produce a visual output.